Tilnar Art visits Schools in the Ngando Slums in Nairobi

The Fair Trade supplier, Tilnar Art, visited a number of schools in the Ngando slums in Nairobi during their recent visit to their artists and suppliers in Africa. Tilnar Art supports these schools through the Tilnar Cycle Challenge that it set up this year. The Tilnar Cycle Challenge inspires cyclists to see how far they can cycle in one day and raises money for charity by donating £9.00 of every £12.95 entry fee to Porridge and Rice, (the charity supporting these schools in Nairobi) or to Cancer Research UK. Tom Hawes, the founder of Tilnar Art, wanted to see how the monies donated to Porridge and Rice were being spent. He was amazed by both the welcome he received from the teachers and pupils alike and the difference these schools were making to the children’s lives.

Tom comments that “It is difficult for you to appreciate looking at the pictures and the videos we have posted on Facebook (www.facebook.com/TilnarArt) the level of poverty that surrounds these schools. They really are a beacon of hope and support for these children who without them would be left just to roam the slums each day. Having seen it for ourselves we cannot overstate the work of Porridge and Rice in supporting these schools and the hope and security they give to every child who attends.”

Tom has been inspired by his visit to try even harder next year to raise more funds for Porridge and Rice through the Tilnar Cycle Challenge and he really hopes that many more individuals and retailers will get involved on Sunday 26th June 2016.

For more information on Tilnar Art, please visit www.tilnarart.co.uk, on Porridge & Rice please visit www.porridgeandrice.co.uk and for info on how you can help and get involved in the Tilnar Cycle Challenge next year, please visit www.tilnarcyclechallenge.org.uk