About Us

Our artists love their workWe are a small team of people who do their utmost to give you the best. We try hard to ensure that you receive a product that is hand made, unique and profoundly different to others in the market place. Over the last 20 years Besmo and now Tilnar Art has revolutionised the perception of home accessories from Africa, India and the rest of the World or inspired by them, into one that can be mainstream without losing its place in today’s home.

Local CraftsmanWhen designing a product and eventually adding it to our collection we do our best to visualise it in the modern home. We never lose sight of the eventual consumer and the retailer. We travel thousands of miles every year to find you products that give you the edge and maintain our increasing number of artisans by providing them regular and sustainable trade.

All our products are hand-made and fairly traded. We check all our products for quality at source. Sizes, shapes and colours (of stone in particular) of our products may vary slightly because they are hand-made using natural materials.

Tom Hawes - Owner of Tilnar ArtTilnar Art was formed in 2005 by Tom Hawes.  Tom gave up a career as a successful London Solicitor to form Tilnar Art as he wanted to help many of the artists he had met on his various trips to Zimbabwe.  Tilnar stands for 'This Is Life Not A Rehearsal' and Tom passionately believes you should, where possible, work in areas that you are passionate about and enjoy.

Carving products in the sunFrom humble beginnings Tilnar Art has gone from strength to strength, adding the Besmo & MO-HOme brands to its offerings in 2009.  Besmo was first formed in 1993 and was one of the main pillars of the Ethical Giftware Industry and was a perfect addition to Tilnar Art’s collection.

Today, Tilnar Art continues to expand and support more disadvantaged producers.  It is launching over 100 new products to coincide with the opening of our new website, including the fabulous Recycled Aluminium Collections from India.

We hope you enjoy the Tilnar Art range.

(Tilnar Art buys nothing in China.)