Recycled Car Part Sculptures

Price on Application

These Handmade Recycled Car Part Sculptures are most probably the most amazing product we have ever supplied.  Each is a one of a kind unique bespoke piece and no two will ever be the same.  Each one will have its own unique markings and poses.  They are handmade to a stunning standard by an incredibly talented team of sculptors who take items discarded as scrap from the car industry and upcycle and breath life into them to form these amazing life like sculptors. 

Each piece is finished in a varnish to protect it from the elements if displayed outside but we also offer custom finishing where you can choose the custom finish that you would like from Chrome, Silver, Gold, iridescent and many many more.

Please contact us to discuss prices and/or the sculpture or animal you would like and we will try and provide you with a sculpture of a life time.

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