Raku Pottery Collection


How Raku is made

Lorraine MarinkowitzAbout 20 years ago a South African Lorraine Marinkowitz started experimenting in the production of Raku beads. Influenced by the natural beauty of the wildlife in South Africa she expanded her creative talents to producing animals and birds. Colour also plays a large role in African life, the Ndebele tribe paint their houses in geometric shapes with bright colors.

Although the manufacturing process lends itself to earth tones only, Lorraine developed a technique to achieve bright geometric shapes which completes the connection between the wildlife and its people. Her wonderful pieces are known as Raku Art and are treasured by collectors through the world.

Each piece of Raku pottery passes through the hands of at least eight different skilled crafters, many of whom etch or paint their initials on the bottom of each item ­ making it a truly unique ‘one of a kind’. If you would like to see how they are made, please take a look at our Production Process section.

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