Tilnar Art – WWF Collection – Help Make a Difference

We very proud to announce that we have linked up with WWF to produce a special WWF collection of our very popular small soapstone range. From January 2014 the range will now come branded as "The WWF Collection - Help make a Difference".   It is a great privilege for Tilnar Art to be able to support, with its Fair Trade products, such a well-respected and world renowned conservation and environmental charity as WWF.

The Managing Director of Tilnar Art, Tom Hawes, comments: “It is with great personal pleasure and satisfaction that we are able to announce we have been able to link up with WWF. It was always my intention when I set up Tilnar Art to help disadvantaged artists, particularly in Africa, but also across the developing world. Tilnar Art is slowly making a difference and now I am thrilled to be able to help the environment and conservation by donating part of our revenue to WWF on the new WWF branded ranges”.

The WWF collection will include all of Tilnar Art’s extremely popular soapstone hearts, keyrings, fridge magnets and Christmas decorations.  All of these will come in beautiful white branded WWF display boxes from January 2014. Tilnar Art has absorbed the royalties paid to WWF and the prices for these products will remain the same.  Tilnar Art is confident that the WWF brand will increase sales for this range and will hopefully make them the main supplier for these ranges in the future.