Standing Pelican - Large - B247

(H 65 cm L 75 cm)

These beautiful metal sculptures are hand made by a group of artists from Zimbabwe who are widely regarded as producing the highest quality metal sculptures available from Africa.  Our customers have been all impressed with the quality and finish of this beautiful range.


All of our sculptures are marked with the artists' logo and come with a colour product tag with pictures of the artists. The products are Fair Trade and your purchases of these sculptures help provide a stable income and good standard of living for the artists and their families. The reclaimed metal is heated and once hot and malleable is individually crafted to produce these fabulous sculptures that are then finished with a varnish. Many of these sculptures are displayed in gardens and we recommend a yearly coat of boat varnish to maintain the sculptures excellent condition if placed outside.


As each sculpture is individually made, each will be unique with its own markings and poses.

100% Fair Trade

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