Soapstone Mobile Phone Holder - Red (min 2) - K9050R

(H 20 cm)

Our Soapstone Mobile Phone holders are the perfect place to put your mobile phone whether in the office or at home. Designed by Tilnar Art and our team of artists in Kenya. We love them and we hope our customers do too. (Customer versions will not come with on the designs but these can be personalised for customers for corporate gifts etc)

These beautiful carved sculptures are handmade from Kenya. Stone sculptures have been carved in Kiisi in Kenya for over 60 years. Kiisi Stone is soft and varies in colour from white to rose and even grey. Carvers work in small groups with each group specialising in certain carvings.  The carvings are then polished and dyed in vibrant colours and beautiful etchings inscribed in them by skilled teams of artisans.



100% Fair Trade

Category: Decorative

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