Standing Branch Wagtail Bird Feeder - BF6

(W 14 cm L 38 cm H 100 cm)

Our Standing Bird Feeders make a great addition to any garden.  We hope you love our original designs created by Tilnar Art and our artists.

I am hand made by a talented group of artisans from Harare in Zimbabwe who are widely regarded as producing the highest quality metal sculptures from Africa.  I am Fairly Traded and your purchase helps provide a stable income and good standard of living for the artists and their families. 


I am made from recycled oil drums and reclaimed metal which is heated and once hot and malleable, is individually crafted with great care and skill. I have been finished with a high quality varnish and please coat me with boat varnish once or twice a year to keep me in pristine condition. As I am individually handmade, I am unique with my own markings and poses.


100% Fair Trade

Category: Metal Sculptures

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