Coloured Keep Calm & Carry On Pebbles 6 cm (12 per display box - min 12) - K2001k

(L 6 cm)

Messages - "Keep Calm & Carry On"
These products will come in a Tilnar Art display box as shown with a swing tag explaining how the products are made attached to each box. 
Please order in sets of 12 as these come in beautiful display boxes which cannot be split into smaller amounts. These beautiful inscribed stone pebb;es make the perfect gift. Stone sculptures have been carved in Kiisi in Kenya for over 60 years. Kiisi Stone is soft and varies in colour from white to rose and even grey. Carvers work in small groups with each group specialising in certain carvings.  The carvings are then polished and dyed in vibrant colours and beautiful etchings inscribed in them by skilled teams of artisans.

100% Fair Trade

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